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Chi-Licious Groove Maker’s Crew

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Chi-licious Groove Maker’s Crew

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straight from the windy City:

A collective of Vinyl Addicts who love music, All types of music. Mixes are always recorded Live, Raw, and Uncut. And props to anyone else that is keeping Vinyl Alive and the art of mixing ‘em.

Never apologetic for the wonderful vinyl cracks, Pops,  and hisses.

If it's not on Wax, we don't play It.

Don’t forget to support the artists we feature on our shows. If you really like the songs, check out our playlists for more info. Then please, Go Buy It!!  Respect one’s copyright and support the musicians.

“...DJ’s aren’t rockstars...”

”Hip Hop Is Being Destroyed By Push Button Cdj’s And R&B-Boys”


Current Wax

  1. Pretty much anything in bargain bins. Great for makin’ beats!

  2. Old Quincy Jones

  3. Cro-Magnon’s covers of Moodymann

  4. Jaylib (again)

  5. Dil Withers Suite

  6. “Together Brothers” Soundtrack - IMHO, one of the most creative and sophisticated efforts by Barry White, The Maestro! Bad-ass movie too!

  7. I want that L.A. Carnival!

  8. Moodymann!! “Det.Riot ’67”

  9. The Emotions

  10. L.V. Johnson

  11. Howard Johnson

  12. Grover Washington Jr.

  13. Queensryche - “Rage For Order”

  14. “Recipe For Tasty Donuts”

  15. Jose James

  16. “Madvilliany 2 : The Madlib Remix”

  17. Ahmad Jamal

  18. Old Hi-Tek; Especially Reflection Eternal’s “Train Of Thought”, True classic!

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#11- Tropic City

#10- Thank You Stones Throw!

#9- Mr. Speaker

#8- “People Get Ready: Papa Smurf vs Dookie J”